#bytes of cookies

As we continue our #bytes campaign, we felt cookies were a good next step.  Everyone knows what cookies are, right?!  In the IT world, it's just another way to spy on us.  As cybersecurity threats continue to rise, we know it's continually important to enhance our solutions and elevate the levels of protection put in place.  This is a constant battle and one we're dedicated to continuing to fight on behalf of our clients!  NO ONE is unhackable and experts say it's not a matter of "if" a breach occurs but "when" it occurs that you need to consider.  Response is critical -- whether it's ransomware, a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) compromise, keylogger or any combination of them, we're here to work diligently to protect our clients and ultimately, hopefully everyone that we cross paths with!

Since 1994, we have been reinventing ourselves in the IT space.  As an MSSP, we know our chosen vendors are critical.  For nearly 15 years, Watchguard Technologies (www.watchguard.com) has been our firewall of choice.  As a GOLD partner, we are honored to say we feel their solutions are world class and some of the best in the market.  In addition, we migrated our endpoint security platform to ESET (www.eset.com) in early 2016 and we are proud to be one of a select group of partners on their US advisory board.  For Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BCDR), we are pleased to be one of a handful of worldwide PLATINUM partners for Unitrends (www.unitrends.com).  Since migrating to the solution in the spring of 2017 after an extensive search, we are able to rest at night knowing our clients are protected - both on premise and in the cloud.  Along with our partnerships with MSP, 3CX, and several others, we believe we are able to continue to provide some of the best solutions in the IT industry to all of our clients in Central Arkansas and beyond!

We consider it an honor to be the trusted IT partner for many businesses in Arkansas and look forward to continuing that for many years ahead!

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