4 Reasons that Small Businesses Need VoIP Solutions

Technology isn’t going anywhere and your customers know it, you likely know it too and may be figuring what business solutions are best to support the new digital first model of business. Today’s customer wants to have a variety of options when it comes to communication, email, text, voice calls, video conference, etc.  Simply put, a traditional phone line is not enough for even the smallest of businesses to thrive. That is where VoIP Solutions come in.

Choosing the best virtual phone systems for your business keeps your organization competitive by providing options such as web conferencing, business texting, high quality voice calls, and other cloud- based features, without adding expensive hardware.

Additional benefits that VoIP solutions can provide to small businesses are:

Low cost

  • Data communications over the internet is extremely affordable and typically much less than plans using traditional phone lines. The initial cost to set up is inexpensive too, often utilizing the equipment you already have.

Remote Access

  • Anywhere you have internet, you have access to all your business communication. VoIP services can connect directly to your computer or office phones as well as mobile devices, through an app, making it the perfect solution for remote workers or on-the-go business owners and staff.

Growth Minded Solutions

  • As your business grows, additional users can be added to your virtual phone system with ease. Since additional hardware is not needed, any equipment used during staff onboarding is compatible with your phone services.

Easy to Use

  • Managing features such as business hours, built-in texting platforms, updating voicemail options and usage monitoring is easily done without the need for technical experience.

Virtual phone systems are comprehensive for users of all technical skill level and require little maintenance at a low cost, although if ever needed, PCA is here to help.

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