Drive Destruction and System Recycling

What should you do with unused or outdated computer systems?

The simple answer: Recycle, securely!

As with all technology devices, security must be front of mind, and that remains true once a device or system reaches end of life. To protect your data and ensure that it is not recoverable, drive destruction is a must and recycling other unused equipment is best practice.

That is why at PCA Technology Solutions, we offer drive destruction and system recycling services to our clients. IF you have equipment that needs recycled, simply reach out to our team to coordinate a time for pickup (hourly rates may apply). We will then come to you and collect your unused equipment for proper disposal. Destruction for drives that have been removed from their system is $7 per drive, and full systems containing a drive are $15.

Drive destructions are certified by Gone for Good. Should you need that certification for your records, please make note with a teammate when coordinating pickup. This service is complimentary but does take 10-14 business days to be completed.

If you prefer to recycle unused systems yourself, we recommend using a company like Gone for Good, who provide those services by destroying your drive and all its data “for good” and providing a certification of destruction back to you.

While Gone for Good, and others, can take care of your drive destruction, the rest of your unused systems need to be disposed of in a different way. We highly recommend recycling those items so that they avoid going to a landfill. However, many organizations that accept unwanted items have special rules and regulations when it comes to computer systems. is a great resource to use when trying to find local organizations or drop off points for such equipment.

Pricing listed 3/8/2021. All pricing is subject to change.

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