From the desk of Ben Thomas, President & CEO

As I write this, we are well in to our 19th year of existence at PC Assistance. And while Id love for you to believe that I possessed enough wisdom to have visualized the company as it is today, the truth is far less romantic. My business plan in August of 1994 began with an extreme dissatisfaction in regards to my employment at that time. In other words, I got mad and quit my job. Having had a love of technology and always being the computer guy around the office, I decided that maybe there was an opportunity to actually make a living doing something that I enjoyed. So I decided to strike out on my own, and began what has been an amazing journey. Theres simply not enough time to tell you all the wonderful things that happened along the way which led to first the survival, and then success of PC Assistance. People and circumstances were put in my path along the way that simply were unexplainable, and I attribute to divine intervention. If you care to try this way of life, take my word, its better than you can imagine. The God of my understanding is all inclusive, and loves you more than you can know. I wish each of you all the joy, peace and success in this coming year!

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With FaceApp in the spotlight, new scams emerge

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Okrum: Ke3chang group targets diplomatic missions

Tracking the malicious activities of the elusive Ke3chang APT group, ESET researchers have discovered new versions of malware families linked to the group, and a previously unreported backdo...

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BlueKeep patching isn’t progressing fast enough

Keeping up with BlueKeep; or how many internet-facing systems, and in which countries and industries, remain ripe for exploitation? The post BlueKeep patching isn’t progressing fast en...

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