Did we just experience the largest attack in history?

Did we just experience the largest attack in US history?

It sure looks that way: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ted-clouser-58a842156_cyberattack-hits-major-hospital-system-possibly-activity-6716687296353091584-u-T6

As this story unfolds, it prepares us to enter cybersecurity awareness month. October is a good time to focus on the threats, but that isn’t nearly enough. #cybersecurity is a constant challenge and worsens daily.

It’s too early to say what happened in this attack but it “looks and smells like ransomware” as someone close to the scenario said.

The hospital made a statement which is all they can really do at the moment. They are fighting to get back online and help assure their patients are safe.

The election is around the corner and attacks are going to increase. We must be vigilant in our cybersecurity hygiene and continue to have security at the center of every decision.

Data released by Verizon, shows that 94% of all malware originates from email. If you haven’t had “think before you click” conversations within your organization, it is time.

I have spent the past few weeks discussing these threats across the nation on iHeart Radio, Fox News Radio and the Jeff Crilley Show. I will continue to do my part to spread awareness as everyone needs to understand #TheThreatsAreReal.

If you think your organization may need additional training or security measures, call us. We are happy to re-evaluate your current structure and keep you as protected as possible.

Be safe out there!


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