Zoom and PPP and COVID, OH MY!

As I write, the first third of 2020 is behind us - and it has been a season most of us never could have imagined.

COVID-19 came after us hard and we learned so much from this pandemic. For one, many of us began to learn who we really are. We began to stop and smell the roses -- we simply had no choice. In doing so, we realized there was beauty around us all along. Don't get me wrong -- I know there is a lot of hurting, pain, sadness and loss that has come from this. Many people's lives will be scarred and a piece will be missing because of the corona virus.

There are some positives - Family units are being restored. Board games, bikes and family baseball games are back in style. Gardens, home cooked meals and talks around the table are occurring all over the world. And it's good. It's good for children who miss their parents. It's good for college kids who are now more prepared for reality than ever. It's good for parents who miss their children. And it's even good for our health.

The PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) is helping small businesses survive the crisis. Or is it? There's been some heavy discussion that the wrong businesses are gobbling up all of the cash. Is there enough regulation on the front end to stop that? Will there be proper auditing on the back-end to address it? What will happen to the businesses that don't get funded in time? How long can America just keep "printing money"? There are so many questions and unknowns -- anxiety and fear is higher than ever. How exactly did this happen? That's not something I know the answer to, however I can say this -- I can't imagine what it would've taken to pull something like this off. The magnitude is enormous and I'm grateful for anything that resembles progress and an awareness that there's still work to do.

And then there's Zoom. Zoom 'owns' the market. You Google, you Facebook and you Zoom. And perhaps after a day of Zoom, you might even need Tylenol. That's the way it is. Now that their dirty laundry is aired and we've found out they aren't doing what they said, will the market reinvent itself? I can't imagine that you will "Teams" or even "WebEx" but perhaps you might. Zoom has prioritized doing what they said they had always been doing and is trying hard -- but then they hit more road blocks. Personally, I've lost faith in them (I never was a Zoomer) and if you haven't already, you need to at least pause and look around. Nothing is perfect and everything is 'hackable' but transparency and honesty beforehand is critical.

The past is our guide to the future. Go win the day! Every day.

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