Social Distancing and #WorldClassIT

At PCA Technology Solutions we strive to provide #WorldClassIT to our clients despite any challenges we may face. The COVID-19 pandemic is no exception to that. 

In these strange times of social distancing and uncertainity, we are working diligently to seamlessly providing excellence to our clients. Through our team-based ITA-V2 work model, we are able to continue collaboration and accountabiliy within our team. You could say we are "physical distancing," because we have had the priviledge to remain incredibly social with one another. Each morning at 8:15, you can find us having our "daily huddle," a video conference where we discuss challenges, succcesses, and opportunities our company faces. 

It is an incredible honor to be able to continue to serve our clients and strengthen our team during these trying times. We are immensely grateful for the technology that allows us to not only be a trusted IT-expert to our clients but also allows us to see the faces of the great people that work hard to make it happen. We are in this together. 

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