Technology Impacted by Coronavirus

In a meeting recently, I asked our team "why is it taking forever for us to get systems for our clients?" The answer was surprising to me -- they all said: "coronavirus". What? How?! And when they told me, it made complete sense -- supply chain issues!

According to Forbes, the top three events to impact the supply chain from 2013-2018 were:

  • Ongoing cyber attacks | computer hacking (52%)
  • 2015-17 West Coast port slowdown (40%)
  • 2017 Hurricane Harvey (30%)

With the global impact that a shutdown of Chinese commerce causes, it makes complete sense. It's very possible that it will become one of the most impactful events on the supply chain, as well.

That poses the question - are you prepared? I immediately asked our team what the options were when they told me about the problem. As we began to collaborate and brainstorm, we came up with alternative solutions that we had prior plans for that immediately began to remedy the problem.

In today's fast paced world, delivery times are critical. We already were struggling with supply due to the Windows 7 retirement so we had already prepared for this. The shutdown from Coronavirus intensified the problem causing us to act swiftly.

This is simply one business impact but there are many others. Is your business prepared for a massive power outage? What about a potential breach? Could you withstand significant downtime and still maintain your business and customer delivery? These are questions you must ask yourself daily in your boardroom. Preparedness is essential to the sustainability of your business.

#TheThreatsAreReal - no matter how they come at you. Be ready. We can help!

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