Q&A: What Is the “S” in MSSP?


Q: Why is it important to add the “S” in MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider)?

A: The simple answer is, because “security” (S) should be top-of-mind in everything we do. To dig a little deeper, it’s helpful to think about why you would hire a MSP for your business. Those reasons are plentiful, from cost savings compared to building out an internal IT department, to knowledge and experience level in a MSP’s team and, last but not least, a proactive approach to management and maintenance.

The daily threat of breaches, ransomware, etc., coupled with compliance requirements for HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, etc., all create compelling reasons to use a MSP: 1) cost savings (compared to building out a security team), 2) knowledge and experience, and 3) proactive security measures via log monitoring, vulnerability assessments, pen testing, etc.

No business is too small to be impacted by security threats; however, few businesses are large enough to employ all the resources needed to combat them. A MSSP is not only an ideal solution for this quandary, but also serves as a valuable partner.

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