Ditching Email for Text

Chasing the “Inbox Zero” Dream Requires Just One Thing: Ditching Email

Much like a unicorn, only rumored to exist, the greatly sought after “Inbox Zero” seems like a figment of our imaginations. It’s practically impossible to achieve this status unless one possesses a tremendous amount of free time or a special kind of compulsiveness. For most of us, we simply tread water, trying not to drown in a vast sea of emails. It’s not only frustrating, but also inefficient. After all, we want to work smarter, not harder.

The majority of us dedicate a tremendous amount of time trying to purge our email inbox only to find it bursting at the seams yet again, the following day. In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, the average employee spends 28 percent of their workday reading and answering emails. Imagine all of the other things we could accomplish instead. If this makes you want to tear your hair out, we can relate.

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Cutting Through the Clutter

Now, if you’re marketing to consumers, imagine how they feel. How is your target demographic supposed to see your message when they’re relentlessly bombarded with hundreds of emails from companies just like yours? The odds aren’t in your favor. More often than not, the emails you create will likely go unread. Recent numbers indicate that the average open rate across all industries, for emails via desktop, mobile, and tablet is 15.75 percent and the click-through rate is 7.63 percent.

Furthermore, the 2019 State of Texting report from Zipwhip reveals that the “Inbox Zero” status still exists; however, in order to attain it, we must think outside the in(box). How? The answer is texting.

Thinking Outside the In(box)

While “Inbox Zero” may not be achieved through our traditional email inbox, no one said anything about text messages. Seventy-four percent of consumers have zero unread texts at any given time, with only four percent having more than seven unread texts total. Compare that to 17 percent of individuals who report having achieved the coveted email “Inbox Zero” status, and it is evident which inbox is more important to consumers. “Inbox Zero” is not a myth in the realm of texting and companies’ chances of successfully reaching customers via text are much higher than through traditional email.

PCA Text Services through ZipWhip

The Advantages of Text

One of the most compelling reasons to use text messaging to reach consumers is that it results in higher response rates. Seventy-four percent of consumers said they respond to a text message from a business within an hour and 85 percent said the same for texts from friends and family. Response rates for businesses versus response rates for family and friends aren’t really all that different. The advantage of texting is that it is a highly personal, conversational form of communication. That’s attractive to consumers. When a business adopts a communication strategy that mirrors conversation with friends and family and can be found in the same inbox, we are naturally inclined to view the brand more favorably. Furthermore, this form of communication encourages the consumer to build a more humanized connection with the business. Why is this so important?

Customers have grown accustomed to being spammed with emails and rarely bother reading them before hitting “delete.” Even if emails aren’t immediately deleted, response time is exceptionally slow. Email only receives an 18 percent average open rate with only 41 percent of those people responding to a business within an hour. People frequently fail to reply to emails from their family or friends—why should they bother replying to a business?

The Bottom Line

If you want a timely response from a customer, texting is your best bet. According to Zipwhip’s 2019 State of Texting report, people are now sending more texts than emails. The average consumer sends approximately 25 percent more text messages than emails. More than likely, this is due to the immediacy and brevity of text messaging. Furthermore, it is important to point out that many consumers use email in their daily jobs, which skews the total number of emails sent.

“Inbox Zero” might be a myth for email, but not for texting. It’s impossible for email to match the sense of urgency consumers feel to respond to a text. Because they are more personal in nature, text messages are viewed as more important than emails.

PCA Text Services through ZipWhip

PCA Technology Solutions Can Help

It’s time for your business to join the 39 percent of companies already texting consumers! PCA Technology Solutions offers Zipwhip business texting solution software in addition to a wide variety of other services and tools, which can significantly increase your company’s open and read rates by consumers. Call or text 833-YOUR-PCA to schedule your appointment today!

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