PCA Announces Partnership With Invo Solutions, LLC.

PCA Technology Solutions Becomes First to Partner With Invo Solutions LLC in America

PCA Technology Solutions is excited to announce its partnership with Invo Solutions LLC, a fintech company that recently launched its game-changing video banking software. The partnership is a first for Invo Solutions, with PCA as its first American partner since the company’s inception in 2012. The new partnership will boost the reach of two world-class technology companies and provide incredible opportunities for PCA’s clients in the financial industry.

Founded in Springfield, MO, Invo Solutions has developed a one-of-kind video banking software to assist customers with transactions such as opening a new account, answering IRA questions, securing a mortgage, and more. Invo’s software caters to a digital-first generation of bankers who can now stay connected with their banks through online video. In only a few short years, customers have already ranked their satisfaction with Invo’s software at 96.8% positive.

A reflection of PCA’s commitment to finding new ways to help our clients succeed, grow, and evolve, the partnership with Invo begins July 1, 2019. Both companies share the common goal of expanding the penetration of this revolutionary software nationwide. The joint partnership will enable PCA to work with more financial institutions and share our expertise in information technology and cybersecurity to a larger market. More importantly, PCA and Invo’s new venture will improve the lives of banking customers across the country, enhancing customer service, driving efficiencies, and providing a seamless customer experience in an ever-growing digital world.

To learn more about the partnership or find out about PCA Technology Solution, contact us today.

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