Our Values

Mission and Vision

Vision - To be the trusted leader in world-class IT solutions.

Mission - To provide expert solutions by partnering with leaders in our industry, training our team to the highest standards and delivering to our clients an exceptional experience leveraging the Golden Rule

Core Values


guides our relationships with staff, clients and community. 

are valued and built on trust, with the expectation of honesty in all things.

is imperative in all that we do.

means we make no excuses and give our very best.

means we each serve different roles but work together to reach the same goal.

and knowledge re celebrated. We are dedicated to IT training/development.

and integrity are core values of our faith-inspired work culture.

News & Articles

Connecting the dots: Exposing the arsenal and methods of the Winnti Group

New ESET white paper released describing updates to the malware arsenal and campaigns of this group known for its supply-chain attacks The post Connecting the dots: Exposing the arsenal and...

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EU warns of cyber‑risks as 5G looms

What are the scenarios that may prove to be challenging to manage in the 5G world? The post EU warns of cyber‑risks as 5G looms appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

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ESET discovers Attor, a spy platform with curious GSM fingerprinting

ESET researchers discover a previously unreported cyberespionage platform used in targeted attacks against diplomatic missions and governmental institutions, and privacy-concerned users The...

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